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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ:

  • Where is the ID/Ticket Office located?
    • The ID/Ticket Office is located in the Memorial Union in the Union Service Office (Room 110).
  • How can I purchase tickets for upcoming events?
    • Tickets can be purchased online.
      • Tickets sales will not be available online two hours before the event start time.
    • Tickets can also be purchased by phone or in the office, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (excluding national holidays)
  • How do I get my retired faculty/staff comp tickets?
    • Athletic Events:
      • Retired comp tickets can only by picked up the day of games at the Reserved Seats Window. When you pick up your tickets you must present your President's Card. You may also be asked to present your photo ID. 
      • Retired comp tickets are not available for any post-season games per the NCAA Compliance Policy.
    • Theatre Performances:
      • Retired comp tickets can be reserved by phone or in-person. If you are reserving tickets by phone you need to specify that these tickets are retired comps. When you pick your tickets up you will need to present your President's Card. You may also be asked to present your photo ID.
      • Retired comp tickets are not available for the annual Homecoming Musical in an effort to raise scholarship money for the Theatre Department.
  • What is the age breakdown for Senior Citizen and Junior ticket prices?
    • Children 3 and younger are free.
    • Junior ages are 4-18.
    • Senior Citizen ages are 65+.
  • When can I pick up my will call tickets?
    • All will call tickets can be picked up in the main box office (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.)
    • Event Will Call:
      • Will call tickets for theatre events can be picked up an hour before the performances at the theatre box office. 
      • Will call tickets for football games can be picked up two hours before the game at the Francis G. Welch Stadium box office.
      • Will call tickets for volleyball, and basketball can be picked up an hour before games at White Auditorium's box office.
      • Will call tickets for baseball/softball can be picked up an hour before games at the Trusler Sports Complex box office.
  • What payment types does the ID/Ticket Office accept?
    • The ID/Ticket Office expects cash.
    • The ID/Ticket Office expects credit card-Visa Credit Card, MasterCard, Discover Card.
      • "Emporia State University" will appear on your credit card statement.
    • The ID/Ticket Office expects checks.
      • All checks need to be made payable to “Memorial Union”.
  • Where is parking located for on-campus events and games?
  • How can I request ticket donations for athletic and theatre events?
    • To receive ticket donations from the Athletic Department please click here for the donation policy and click here for the form.
      • Jason Santangelo (Athletic Department - Marketing Director) will contact you upon receiving your donation request form.
    • To receive ticket donations for theatre event please contact Jennifer Newell (Theatre Department - Administrative Specialist).

 Theatre FAQ:

Please visit the ESU Theatre site for up-to-date theatre information.

  • When do tickets for theatre performances go on sale?
    • The four theatre performances that take place during the school year go on sale a month before opening night.
    • Summer Theatre tickets go on sale a month before the season opens.
  • Are season tickets available for the theatre events?
    • Theatre Guild is Emporia State University’s version of season tickets. Click here for more information about becoming a theatre guild member.

Athletic FAQ:

Please visit the ESU Athletics site for up-to-date news and schedules for the Hornets.

  • How many tickets do I have to purchase to receive the group discount?
    • To receive the group discount you must purchase 25+ tickets.
  • What payment types are accepted for group tickets?
    • Cash
    • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
    • Check (Made payable to “Memorial Union”)
    • Invoice (payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date)
      • Invoices are only available to businesses and organizations.
      • They are not available to individual people.
  • What is the policy on tailgating at football games?
    • Click here for the Emporia State University tailgating policy.
    • Click here for the Emporia State University tailgating map.
  • I’m the parent of a student-athlete, how do I get Player-Parent comp tickets?
    • Your student-athlete gets up to four comp tickets based on the NCAA Compliance Policy. It is their responsibility to add their guest to the player-parent pass list. 
    • Tickets can only be picked up game day at the pass gate (or pass window). To pick your tickets up you will need to show a photo ID and sign for them.
    • Please visit the ESU Compliance Site if you have more questions. 
  • Are complimentary tickets available for post-season playoff and regional games?
    • Unfortunately complimentary tickets are not available for post-season and regional games based on the NCAA Compliance Policy.
  • How do I become a sponsor for an athletic season?